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Adventurers go by various names in various regions of Kahara, many of which are generally euphemisms which refers to those with combat training but don't directly answer to any nobility or government.

Most adventurers are independently minded, but sometimes those who work well together regularly will often form what are referred to as adventuring companies. Many of these are simply outfits that help individual adventurers get work, but some occasionally sell teams of adventurers as a complete package. They are generally unregulated and are supported by their reputation more than anything else.

Occasionally, however, an adventuring company will have a charter. This is when a noble or elite of sufficient prestige bestows an official acknowledgment or sanction upon a group. This is considered quite useful in helping those who work with the company to not only find work on more than just their reputation alone, but often provides some degree of protection against other elites who would cause the adventurers trouble, as the issue is not lodged merely against the combatants, but upon the elite who bestowed the charter. In game this is represented by the Patron trait.

Below are some activities adventurers often take part in, roughly sorted from the easiest of tasks to harder tasks, but difficulty may vary. For those who run plots for these kinds of characters, this is a great place to start to get ideas for the kinds of things you can send these characters out to do.

Simple Guards

Those with a little bit of combat training and looking for work often find employment as short term guards. The simplest task of this kind of work often involves restricting who or what is able to get into an area, or preventing others from removing things from the area they shouldn't. While this work is looked down upon by many, it is the starting point for many adventurers.

Caravan Guards

Combatants who have proven their worth can often find work with merchants transporting goods across Kahara. This is more dangerous work, given the state of the wilderness, and is another common step for adventurers trying to make a living off of their ability to fight. Given the dangers some areas present to travelers, this task isn't really looked down on, even if it is rarely prestigious.


People lose things, sometimes these things are important and need to be found. Recovery jobs often revolve around finding an object. These types of jobs often reward adventurers who have invested in investigatory style skills as well as combat, especially if the item is in the hands of someone who does not wish to give it up.

Writs of Outlawry

Sometimes the local authority has those who they want brought before them to face their justice, but their normal retainer of combatants isn't sufficient for the task, or their resources are spread thin. Writs of Outlawry are issued to authorize an adventurer or group of adventurers to track the person down and bring them before the lord. These almost always require the target be brought in alive. Many adventurers avoid the ones that seek to outright kill the target, as they themselves may find trouble for having participated in a killing that may be of interest to others with power.