Caráco Araqüénn

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Caráco Araqüénn have a complicated history within Kahara. While it is known that their infantile form is a raven, little is known as to what seperates them from an average raven. From what scholars and healers have been able to determine is that, for unknown reasons, surges of Hurunuinë occur from time to time in which masses of fledgling Caráco Araqüénn seek to achieve their next stage. Diviners seem to believe that wayward spirits may have something to do with these events, but have yet to determine how or why.

Caráco Araqüénn, whether fledgling, Haqarëa, or the more powerful Menelqüénn, are incredibly intelligent creatures, even being capable of sentient thought and speech in their adult forms. This can make them easily mistaken for Fhthileanach or allow them to, in some cases, pass for a normal human. While they are generally justifiably regarded as evil creatures not to be trusted, there have been reports throughout the centuries of some which seek to help rather than harm.


Fledglings appear no different than an average raven, with the same black feathered body, legs, beak and eyes. Already being intelligent creatures, it can be difficult to distinguish the advanced intelligence of a fledgling from a normal raven. Much like the average raven, fledglings often travel in flocks of thirty or so, though they may sometimes split from the group as pairs or individuals. Usually these fledglings act as scouts, seeking other fledglings and suitable prey to survive on. What prompts them from this somewhat normal behaviour into descending upon small villages and towns is unknown at this time.

Fledglings are presumed to have a longer lifespan than normal ravens, and some claim to be able to distinguish individuals apart well enough to keep track of their age to be able to reliably distinguish a fledgling from a normal raven.


Posing as healers, Haqarëa do seem to possess some innate knowledge of medicine, healing magic and anatomy to be able to perform these duties as if they were simply humans. However, much like Sova, they do not possess a secondary pair of limbs with hands, but rather their wings, which when resting appear as nothing more than a feathered cloak covering their bodies, also have extended bones with joints at the apex, allowing them to act like hands. Unlike the Sova, Haqarëa retain the ability to fly if needed. Retaining much of their bird-like features in the face, with a beak, feathers and solid black eyes with double eyelids they will often try to pass their beak and head as some elaborate plague mask, refusing to remove it if asked. Haqarëa are possessed of great strength, stamina and intelligence, making them formidable foes when provoked. However, Haqarëa seem to prefer to seek their prey and operate in secrecy, rather than combating their way through a situation, meaning they will use manipulation to their advantage.

If you would like to use a Haqarëa as a part of your plot, please consult with staff first.


Particularly dangerous, and the more direct of the two, Menelqüénn possess incredible strength as well as great intelligence, speed and the ability to use weapons as well as some combat magic. They masquerade as armoured knights with a feathered cloak, much the same as their Haqarëa counterparts, however, unlike their cousins the Menelqüénn possess a secondary set of arms identical to those of a human or an elf. Their heads remain quite bird-like, retaining beak, feathers and solid black eyes with double eyelids. Despite this, a rare few Menelqüénn are able to use illusory magic to masquerade as fully human, making them particularly insidious. Sometimes Menelqüénn will travel with a Haqarëa or even another Menelqüénn, though the pairing of two Menelqüénn can often be tumultuous as their ambitions and thoughts on how to approach any situation clash thanks to often strong personalities and bravado.

Menelqüénn cannot be used in plots without staff oversight.