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Religion in Kahara is quite varied and polytheistic. People believe in a variety of deities, nature spirits, and spirit beasts from great and mighty to relatively tiny.

On Kingdoms of Kahara we understand many players may not have much cultural context to play a character in such an environment. With that in mind, we want to go over a few core tenets of religious practice in Kahara. The core tenets are listed directly below, while the rest of this page will go into more depth about these tenets and some of the more common beliefs in Kahara.

  1. Most people believe their religion.
  2. Oaths and Vows are not taken lightly. Oaths are viewed as literally calling upon a deity as a witness when one's word isn't good enough. Vows are a bargain with a deity.
  3. Performing rituals properly is considered more important than belief.
  4. Atheism, while not unheard of, is extremely rare and viewed with hostility across Kahara. More specifically, someone who actively refuses to partake in rituals is considered a danger to their communities, as requisite rituals are considered required for continued prosperity and safety.

Pillars of Religion in Kahara

People Believe Their Religion

Most people who practice a religion in Kahara believe in it. They believe they are invoking a deity in an oath, for example. Religion isn't just something for the common folk or those who don't know better, it's a critical part of public life too.

Oaths and Vows

Oaths and Vows are not something taken likely.

An oath is invoking a deity as a witness to something one says. When someone's word isn't good enough, an oath is something which can be used to grant it credibility.

Vows are, essentially, bargains with a deity. If the deity grants something, the one taking the vow does something in exchange. These can be quite specific and include a variety of conditions, disclaimers, and terms. Vows also invoke a punishment to be meted out should the terms not be met.

These are not taking lightly as asking a deity to act as witness or as the opposite party in a bargain has the potential to cause horrible consequences to someone, their family, and their community should there be a violation.

Correct Practice is More Important than Correct Belief

Deities do not care what someone believes or their intent, they care that the invocations and rituals are done correctly. Should someone perform a ritual or take an oath or make a vow with ill intent, the ritual itself includes a clause of punishment. As long as the terms of the ritual, oath, or vow are upheld deities are uninterested in what someone thinks.

Atheism is Extremely Rare

While not unheard of, open atheism in Kahara is extremely rare. Someone who doesn't believe in the gods is viewed as someone who could bring their entire family, community, or even country into danger by refusing to conduct the proper rituals their beliefs require.

Religions in Kahara

Religious practice in Kahara varies widely. While belief in the gods is very common, the names of those gods, how to please them, and what a god has dominion over can vary by region or in less settled areas by town or even family.

This list isn't meant to be an all inclusive list to Kaharan religions, but feature some of the most prominent. In many cases players are encouraged to create interesting rituals their family, clan, or place of origin perform and how their deities of choice are viewed.


Aquilae is the deity of the Elves of Moriquende. The Elves of Moriquende view her as the only deity they are to revere.


Alize is the primary deity of those in Selesymemar. He's thought of as a god who brings prosperity to those worshipers he favors. A common morning ritual associated with his worshipers is to cast a spell generating a tiny gust of wind against an object which moves a little in response every morning. For the wealthy this may be something elaborate, for the less so it any lightweight object which will move a little will do.

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