Code of Conduct

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Kingdoms of Kahara Code of Conduct

  1. Don’t harass fellow players.
  2. Plots and backstories involving or centered around rape are not allowed on Kingdoms of Kahara.
  3. Explicit sexual RP is not allowed. Should a scene progress to a point where such activity would happen, players should "fade to black."
  4. Do not use abusive or hateful language out of character.
  5. When you make a character on Kingdom of Kahara, you understand you are consenting to things happening to your character that you may not have planned. Ideally should a player want to enact a major event upon another player they should discuss it and agree. However this is not always possible, in which case skill rolls will be used to adjudicate the situation.

If a player believes these rules are being violated they should report it to staff, ideally with keywords and a date and time the issue happened. We maintain command logs for the safety and security of the game we can check. Screenshots can also help, but for security reasons system logs will take precedence.

Violations of the code of conduct can lead to a range of disciplinary actions up to and including temporary and permanent bans.