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Basic Commands

say - A simple dialogue command, for example, say "Hello friends." would show up to other players as: Fritz says, "Hello friends."

: - Shows what your character is doing and puts your character's name in front of it. :sits in a chair. would show up to other players as: Cai sits in a chair.

; - Works as above, but does not put a space between the character's name and the following text, which allows for contractions on the name. ;'s legs are sore. would show up to other players as, Fritz's legs are sore.

@emit - Posts text without the character's name in front of it. @emit The night is quiet. would display to other players as: The night is quiet.

OOC <comment> - Says something "Out of Character" with the OOC tag added to it.

Skill Commands

+sheet - Look at all your skills and traits.

+raise/skill <name> to <number> - Raises a skill or specialization to the specified level. Skills go up to 10.

+lower/skill <name> to <number> - Lowers a skill or specialization. This can not take a skill below 0.

+raise/trait <name> to <number> - Raises a trait. If a trait only has 1 level, then raise it to 1.

+lower/trait <name> to <level> - Lowers a trait level. This can not take a trait level below 0.

+list skills - Provides a list of all skills and their specializations.

+sinfo <skill> Provides information about a skill and its specializations. This also works for traits.

+list traits - Provides a list of all traits.

+roll <skill>/<specialty> at <modifier> - Rolls dice and tells you how many successes you got and announces it to the entire room. So +roll magic/divination at 0 would roll magic with the divination specialty with no additional dice.

+roll/gen <number of dice> - Rolls a set number of dice and announces the amount of successes to you and everyone else you're in a room with.

Wardrobe Commands

+wardrobe/new <Wardrobe Name> - Saves your current description as the name indicated.

+wardrobe/list - Lists all of your wardrobes in the system.

+wardrobe/view <Number> - Looks at the wardrobe saved as <Number>.

+wardrobe/set <Number> - Changes your current description to the wardrobe saved at that number.

+finger commands

+finger <name> - Provides information on a character.

How to enter information about your character:

&finger_age me=Your character's age.

&finger_home me=Your character's home.

&finger_hooks me=Hooks you want other characters to use with your character or ways a character could get involved with yours easily.

&finger_name me=Your character's known name(s).

&finger_race me=Your character's race.

&finger_other me=Other information about your character that doesn't fit into other categories.

Players are encouraged to fill these out as they are good for generating roleplaying opportunities.