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While the majority of Elves will live in Moriquende, scattered settlements can be found in the countries which pay tithing to the Elven kingdom; what’s more, individuals can be scattered far and wide. These would be travelers, for one reason or another, or most likely exiles.

Elves, as a general rule, tend to be quite proud of themselves, their power and their nation. Relatively recent arrivals on the Kaharan continent, the Elves, who occupy a huge chunk of what was formerly the Valland, believe this land is theirs by right and the holy will of their goddess, Aquilae. Elves tend to be quite superioristic towards other races, but none get the short end of that attitude more than humans. There may be some who view the other races, and humans especially, more charitably; but as Elven society stands at the moment, few have the liberty to be too open about their sympathies. They will deal with other races with a sort of stiff politeness, generally, though perhaps with a bit of a supercilious attitude or a sneer.

Religion is quite an intrinsic aspect of Elven society, with local parishes and churches taking care of the education of the majority of Elven children. Those who can afford it may hire private tutors, of course, however they will still be members of the Clergy. Even Elven magic is tied to their faith, with spells being cast by channeling magic through specific spoken prayers. Over time, however, these lengthy prayers have been condensed into key phrases which can be spoken quickly.

With a longer lifespan than most races, Elves age at a much slower rate and are generally considered a young adult around the age of 25-30. This is also the approximate age when all citizens are expected to complete a mandatory year of military training at the nearest local barracks or fortress. The age may vary slightly simply based on the local lord or lady’s preferences, with more or less leeway being acceptable based on the lord or lady’s status among their peers. After this term of service, most lowborn will expect their children to begin fending for themselves or seeking employment, while highborn will continue to guide their children into a hopefully ideal future, continuing the family line.

For most, seeking further employment as some form of knight will be the most potentially lucrative career; however, the training is long and arduous, the work dangerous, and hours long. Others of a similar mind without the inclination for strict hierarchy may become adventurers or merchants. Many varied employment opportunities exist in Moriquende for the layman and can be taught through apprenticeship; however, the realms of magic and scholarship remain firmly in the hands of the church, requiring oaths of fealty to the church as well. However, employment in faith is also a lucrative career option for many, so long as they can complete the religious training.


Height: M: 6’9” F: 6’1”
Professions: Knight, Priest, Merchant, Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, Scholar, Inquisitor
Lifespan: 322-350
Income: Please see the Wealth page for more information on wealth in Kahara.
4: The character may have a few special items (which are separate from Wealth), but beyond that their means are modest. They likely have a regular room at an inn or other place which provides a place to stay and can afford food of sufficient quality to provide sustenance. This is the situation of a large amount of the population of Kahara. 5: A slight increase from the average. In many respects this is similar to Wealth 4. The largest differences are on the fringes, such as a character being able to afford live entertainment for smaller groups than the large group entertainment available to those at Wealth 4 and below.
Suggested Countries of origin for new players: Moriquende