Extended Skill Rolls

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Some skills take more than a moment or even a scene to complete. Some examples of this are creating weapons, enchanting items to be magical, or writing a document. To handle these tasks extended skill rolls are used.

Extended skill rolls have four parts to them.

Skill used: What one is rolling to attempt the task.

Threshold: How many total successes a character needs to complete a task.

Frequency: How often a roll is made.

Prerequisites: Certain skill or ability minimums that must be met to attempt a task. If there are other requirements they may be listed here as well. If this is absent, it is assumed there is no prerequisite.

Creating a basic pamplet would look like:

Skill used: Writing+Pamphleteering

Threshold: 10

Frequency: 1 Day

Prerequisites: Access to a way to create pamphlets.

So this means someone making a pamphlet needs 10 successes using the writing+pamphleteering skill and they may roll once per day. In addition, they need a way to create pamphlets to attempt this.

If on the first day the character rolls 3 successes, those are stored and carried over to the next attempt. The next attempt may be 2 successes, and on the third day 5 successes are rolled. Since that adds up to 10 or higher the pamphlet is done, and since it took three rolls it took three days to make.