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While it’s difficult to say if Humans are the most prevalent race in Kahara any longer, they are certainly the most far flung of all the races, populating areas in almost all corners of the continent. Humans come in quite the variety, from hair colour, skin colour, height, weight and shape, humans have the most variety among their looks. Sometimes this is owing to the conditions of a certain region and other times it’s simply heritage.

Once dominating the Kaharan continent, the power of Valland has considerably shrunk over time and the once united human kingdoms have broken and splintered, reforming and breaking countless times. Some were absorbed into territories taken over by Elves, primarily closer to Valland and its surrounding regions, irrevocably changing the lives of the humans living there. Be it politically, religiously or culturally, humans have the most diversity of all the races to offer here, as well and with dozens of countries and regions to choose from, they can even be found in countries natively belonging to other races, albeit with quirks associated with the way those foreign countries view and treat their human residents. Please visit the Countries page to familiarize yourself with the country of your choosing.

Naming Conventions

Human names have a lot of variety, though most will likely be either anglo-saxon, scandinavian or norse in origin. Examples include: Elrikki, Helga, Nicholas, and Viktor.

Human Averages

Height: F: 5’6” M: 5’11”

Professions: Mercenary, Merchant/Trader, Scholar, Magician, Sailor

Lifespan: 87 - 100.

Income: Please see the Wealth page for more information on wealth in Kahara.

4: The character may have a few special items (which are separate from Wealth), but beyond that their means are modest. They likely have a regular room at an inn or other place which provides a place to stay and can afford food of sufficient quality to provide sustenance. This is the situation of a large amount of the population of Kahara.

Suggested countries of origin for new players: