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The amount of medical knowledge available in Kahara depends largely on what specialization one is interested in. For mundane wounds, the amount of medical knowledge which exists outside of first aid is minimal. With spells such as Heal, Reattach, and Regrowth available there has not been a great deal of research done in the current era.

There are two major exceptions to this.

The first is the management of diseases, as the magic needed to heal disease is not something known in the current era. Those with specialized medical knowledge in Kahara have a reasonable understanding of common vectors for various illnesses as well as the knowledge needed to mitigate the spread of disease. In some cases, there are known cures which can be created and provided to one who is ill.

The second is knowledge of various types of veterinarian medicine fares better in Kahara. While magic can be used on animals to heal them, as a practical matter mundane knowledge in this field has proven itself to be much more useful. While some who work with veterinary medicine have an understanding humans have some common biological features, research advanced enough to be applicable to long term human medicine has not been developed.