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Kingdoms of Kahara has a much more stringent application process for nobles, including checking with staff first to see if more noble PCs are wanted at the time. We understand players want to know what's expected of noble characters. These are also guidelines players should read if they want to use minor noble NPCs in a scene or plot. Nobles of greater status require staff approval.

While there are regional differences, we wanted to boil down the essence of being a noble in Kahara to be quickly and easily understood. With that in mind we have five guidelines.

  1. Unlike commoners, nobles are deeply tied to a system of duties and obligations.
  2. The head of your family or your liege has great power over you. To neglect this relationship is to invite ruin.
  3. While some nobles have more responsibilities than others, able but idle nobles don't exist. Some will have plots of land to oversee, some may oversee resource extraction operations, others may have martial obligations, and others still may be sent off on investigative and research missions or more. None of them are idle. Even nobles with limitations will be given tasks they are expected to accomplish.
  4. A noble's most valuable asset is reputation. Many problems a noble may face can be greatly mitigated by a good reputation, where a poor reputation often prevents access to remedies for many common problems.
  5. Commoners and peasantry are resources to the nobles who oversee them. To dispose of or squander them carelessly will only create trouble later. To harm commoners and peasantry of another noble without great cause is to invite the wrath of that noble.