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The skill system uses a lot of numbers: BP, skill levels, trait levels, and so on. Seeing a number on your +sheet doesn't really help explain what a character can do in a narrative sense.

That's where this page comes in. Add Skill+Specialization and check this table to get a rough narrative ability of where your character's capabilities stand.

0: Baseline average for Kahara. 0 doesn't mean a deficit in a skill so much as it means no practice or training with it. Remember, when rolling any skill you get a minimum of 1 die so you might still have a chance to succeed or help someone else succeed. It should be noted a character with Writing at 0 isn't wholly illiterate, and such a character is generally able to read and write their own name as well as recognize certain commonly seen patterns of letters. Examples of the latter include places labeled as 'inn,' 'blacksmith,' and other similar common services.

1-3: Dabbler - Your character has studied the skill a little bit and knows the fundamentals, but most attempts to use skills at these levels fail if it's anything harder than very simple aspects of the skill.

4: At this level your character can reliably perform most simple tasks within the skill. Threshold 1 skills can be accomplished regularly, though they still usually require a character's concentration.

6: Low grade professionals are often found here. They may have a little experience, and they can accomplish most Threshold 1 or 2 tasks reliably, but no one will speak of their great skill. At this level of skill most characters can make enough money with their skill to justify a Wealth 4 lifestyle. This is a great level for tertiary skills for most starting PCs, as they are reliable and require a low investment of BP.

8: When a character is referred to as skilled, this is the level often associated with that. Those with this level of skill can justify a Wealth 6 lifestyle making a living off of this skill if the money is used well. Patrons may not seek characters of this skill level out, but commoners provide reliable, if mundane, work. Many starting PC secondary skills are here.

10: Characters at this level of skill are considered very good at it. They can reliably perform all basic tasks, up to Threshold 3, associated with the skill, which includes reliably hitting most enemies in combat. At this level a character that uses the money from work with this skill well can justify up to a Wealth 8 standard of living through careful use of resources and access to a Patron. It is also at this level Patrons start seeking a character out for their skill. Whether a character accepts is up to them. Getting better than this level is rare for most of Kahara, and this is a great starting point for PCs with a range of capabilities for their main skills.

12: Characters at this level are exceptional. They stand out. Usually word gets around an area who has rank 12 in some skills and those with influence seek them out. At this level of skill Patrons are often showing interest and will make active attempts to bring a character into their orbit.

15+: Characters at this level are considered masters of their skill. Patrons actively seek them out, if only to keep them out of rivals' hands, profiting off of this level of skill is easy. 15 is also the level at which a character becomes eligible to create a Thesis for a skill to become truly legendary. However, characters at this level are extremely rare, as achieving this level of capability often demands a single-minded focus that detracts from all else.