The Harbour of Refuge

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Organization Name: The Harbour of Refuge

Location: Ellischester

Organization RP is open to non-org players? Yes

Preferred Character Archetypes: Any

Currently Hiring: Volunteers Welcome - Food, Shelter, and Medical Care provided in exchange.

Jobs Available: Forager or Hunter, Cook, Apprentice Healer, Cleaner.

Current Members: Kalixi, Nicholas, Vivixi

Organization Description: Less of an organized guild and more of just a place to go if one has no place to go, run by an elderly sea Vydra and her family, the Harbour of Refuge is a pair of abandoned old houses cobbled into one larger residence with a combination of assorted sea salvage and stubborn determination. The food is wholesome and generous, the accommodations are simple but clean, and both staff and residents alike are a motley and colorful bunch in the center of scrappy Ellischester. If you need help, or want to offer help to others, pay the Harbour of Refuge a visit. Behave yourself though! Or Momma will put you out on the walk.

In-Game Contact: Kalixi