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While long distance travel in Kahara is reasonably common, it is not without its risks. While most major roads are reasonably safe, there are risks when travelling, such as monsters, bandits, unofficial "tollbooths", and in some places corruption.



For most in Kahara, this will be the primary option. Animals are expensive and beyond the reach of many, or they are tied to farmers or other people who do little travelling. Generally speaking this is done in groups which travel from dawn to dusk and spend nights alternating watches.

The average Kaharan can travel 40 miles a day on foot.


Most nobility in Kahara as well as those who have acquired some level of wealth (usually Wealth 8 or higher) via their own efforts or through a patron will have access to mounts. Generally speaking, mounted travel is only as fast as the slowest member of the group, so to get the most out of this method the entire group needs to be mounted.

Similar to on foot, travel is done during daylight and watches are at night. Most mounted groups can travel 80 miles per day.


Caravans are often larger groups of people with a mix of mounted people, those on foot, carriages and other animal-pulled methods of conveyence. These often have the goal of transporting bulky goods from one place to another. While caravans are slower than even individuals on foot, they have the advantage of having more people and being less vulnerable to the various hazards of travel in Kahara.

Most caravans travel at the rate of 30 miles per day.


In some areas, ships can transport goods and people via water. This is a highly efficient method of travel and affordable to most Kaharans. While this avoids the hazards of travelling on land, there is also danger with this method of travel.

A ship in ideal conditions can travel up to 100 miles per day.

Teleportation Circle

Teleportation Circles are large arcane artifacts which were placed long ago. While understanding of their operation has not been wholly lost, it is considered obscure knowledge. Additionally, many teleportation circles are damaged.

The ritual to use a teleportation circle takes about ten minutes and is enough for 5 people. The reagents needed to perform this ritual are rare and expensive (often requiring Wealth 10 to have reliable access). While this method of transportation is fast, its limitations make its primary users couriers of sensitive information, merchants who deal in high value goods which are small and easy to transport, and particularly powerful individuals who can afford the reagents.

Using this method, when available, travel from any functioning circle to any other functioning circle takes about ten minutes.

Advice on Travelling

Those who travel are often advised to do so in groups, as this gives one more resources and people to call on should there be a threat while travelling.

It is also common for those with a valuable skill to sign on with caravans for the duration of a trip in the direction of one's final destination. Similar arrangements exist for ship travel. Many of these arrangements are able to provide sustenance, payment, or both.

Nobles or those with access to a patron will normally have access to a mount. Nobles will often own at least one, while those with access to a patron may borrow one for the duration of a journey.