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Zombie Hoard

Zombies come in many shapes and sizes, however all versions share the rotted, desiccated appearance of walking corpses. No known, dedicated magic exists to allow scholars of magic to create and control them at will. Rather, zombies, as well as other undead creatures such as skeletons, are created either as a result of a magical disaster of large proportions, or via another non-human creature with the aberrant ability to do so and control its creations. Such events usually also create massive ghostly miasmas full of trapped spirits which will spread to nearby areas.

Due to the nature of their creation, Zombies can be found anywhere in Kahara.

Normal Zombie

The average zombie is but a simple raised corpse. Male or female, they can be of any sentient race and even wild beasts or farm animals. Despite their rotted demeanour, zombies are possessed of preternatural strength, average speed and a fairly simple instinct to attack anything unlike them if they are not being controlled by an outside entity. If they are controlled, some simple tactics may be possible. Often, a Diviner may be able to find the tortured spirits of the zombies lingering nearby.

Enhanced Zombie

The means by which this variant of zombie is created is unknown, as there appears to be no difference between them and an average zombie besides being a bit faster and a bit stronger than the average variant of zombie. They still exist on pure instinct if not controlled by an outside entity, attacking all living creatures without discrimination.

Intelligent Zombie

Much like enhanced zombies, intelligent zombies share an above average speed and strength to their rotted flesh, setting them above normal zombies. In addition to this, Diviners past have determined that these zombies have maddened spirits trapped within their flesh, allowing them enough reminiscent intelligence to utilize simple magics, weapons and tactics. They have the same hunger for living flesh, and the maddened spirit within adds an air of contempt for all those unlike themselves. Intelligent zombies can be particularly dangerous, as they have been known to at times be able to organize the less mentally bright zombies into a somewhat organized force.

These zombies can only be created of a sentient race.