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Creature Name Zombies
Attacks per round 3
Attack Dice 8
Base Defense 2
Creature HP 100
Suggested Party Size 2
Notes Zombies can be created lots of ways.


Creature Name Reanimated Horde
Attacks per round 4
Attack Dice 10
Base Defense 4
Creature HP 75
Suggested Party Size 4
Notes Can only be destroyed by hitting individual members of the horde in the head. Don't use called shots, that's why the Base Defense is 4. It can be lowered by normal means just like any other base defense.


Creature Name Young Dragon
Attacks per round 5
Attack Dice 12
Base Defense 3
Creature HP 200
Suggested Party Size 6
Notes This dragon may be young, but it's still tough. It can fly, though to hit the party with most attacks it needs to be in close range. It can cast Barrage with its normal attack once per scene. It can also cast Arcane Blast as some of its attacks. Mostly attacks with bites and claws, but can also use its wings to batter things. This is all represented in the number of attacks.