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The continent of Kahara can be a complicated place with a wide range of polities and types of governance. While it's difficult for one page to spell out all the nuances of inter-polity relationships between everyone, this is a place to discuss some general tendencies.

Centralizing States

While there are no truly centralized states in Kahara the way we would think about it in the real world, there are a couple cases in Kahara where rulers are starting the centuries long process of consolidating control in a more centralized way. While these polities still have a wide range of internal conflicts, the power of individual nobility is slowly being eroded in favor of centralized control. Rulers still need to tend to the concerns of their elites, and there is often conflict from those nobles who are unhappy with the prospects of losing traditional privileges, but the process of centralization has given the ruler a greater ability to manage these conflicts.

Polities in this category are:

  1. Moriquende
  2. Selesymemar
  3. Valland

Client Polities

Due to a variety of circumstances, some polities are under the heavy influence of a nearby more powerful polity. While explaining the nuances of each of these relationships is outside the scope of this page, there are general tendencies. Most of these client polities pursue their own internal policy but will defer to the suzerain for matters outside of their borders.

Moriquende Client Polities

Moriquende's client polities have a tendency to be dominated by Moriquende's desire to spread reverence for their goddess Aquilae and are within range of Moriquende's armies without the ability to mount a sufficient defense.

Moriquende Client Polities include:

  1. Armeverhria
  2. Ponhillow City Sates
  3. Thorsia

Valland Client Polities

Valland's client polities tend to be traditional parts of the old Valland Empire which have gained more autonomy over time. They tend to be tributaries sending gifts in exchange for military protection from those outside to tributary system. With these, some conflict still arises between the tributaries within the system which Valland may try to mediate but doesn't generally suppress through force.

Valland client polities include:

  1. Adress
  2. Cielligz
  3. Crenis
  4. Elsenesya
  5. Kleabe
  6. Nytheashe
  7. Stiok
  8. Stuick
  9. Zibunzad

Selesymemar Client Polities

Selesymemar's client polities tend toward strong economic ties which favor the suzerain. In most areas this involves using the same currency as Selesymemar, and in some places involves the local economies being wholly reoriented to better suit Selesymemar's desires.

Selesymemar client polities include:

  1. Ireholdia
  2. Myranroth
  3. Shemkaland
  4. Stilhagia
  5. Szithremben