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Selesymemar is an ascendent country on the eastern coast of Kahara. Originally one of many smaller human populated countries, Selesymemar through strategic political alliances and conquest gained and integrated these countries. After that they started, through a series of wars, chipping away at the remains of the Thaxninham Empire until they lost most of their holdings except control of the strait leading into central Kahara.

Selesymemar is largely known for its reverence for the trade winds which has brought it prosperity and martial success.


The earliest records of history showing humans living on the east coast of Kahara are millennia old, starting from settled tribes to eventually a series of countries.

Selesymemar was originally not particularly noteworthy among these countries, but innovations in military structure a couple centuries ago would give it an edge. By reinforcing large groups of levies with a small well trained professional fighting force under direct control of the ruler Selesymemar saw success in conquering other nations.

While the process took several decades, Selesymemar had united the culturally similar but distinct countries in its area. Many of the newly conquered nobles pledged fealty to their new rulers and for many the difference was felt in greater ease of travel more than anything else, as linguistically the countries were already similar.

After that a series of wars against Thaxninham for complete control over the Kaharan east coast took place. These wars ended with decisive but not complete victory for Selesymemar, and Selesymemar slowly they took control of their new lands, consolidating control over large parts of the Kaharan east coast. Ultimately these campaigns stalled as Thaxninham was guaranteed protection by the merchant states of Chigulfia and the Olcea Trade League, but by then Selesymemar had become the dominant power on the Kaharan east coast.


The core unit of Selesymemarian military operations is largely levies with a core of trained professional soldiers loyal to the Selesymemar ruler rather than any lesser noble, many of which are trained in war magic to serve in fire support roles or infiltration missions to an opposing army's back lines. This includes leadership from nobles trained as professional officers.

Selesymemarian naval strength is noteworthy compared to the rest of the Kaharan east coast, but is largely an anti-piracy force of lighter ships force augmented by wind magic.


Most Selesymemarian magic is themed around trade winds they revere. While all major schools of magic have a presence in Selesymemar many spells take on the appearance of air and wind. Elementalists focusing on wind magic are the most well known.

Foreign Affairs

Selesymemar is slowly expanding its influence over the Kaharan east coast, regularly looking for opportunities to keep expanding its influence. While they have made some conquests and alliances to secure key inland trade routes, much of their focus is on the coastal areas.

Tensions with Thaxninham, the Olcea Trade League, and Chigulfia are omnipresent, especially when Selesymemarian ships wish to travel inland or the other powers wish to trade along the Kaharan east coast. In most times, ships are able to ply these trade lanes just fine, but diplomatic incidents have included temporary prohibitions on trade between Selesymemar and these other states.